What is voc-get?

As written on the SourceForge start page, voc-get is A "flash card"-like vocabulary learning program with a comfortable handling of several translations and score management.

There are already programs for this purpose. Moreover it is possible to use simple flash card with physical cards. Why should I use voc-get?

The answer is on the Technique Page which gives you an overview and tells you why to use voc-get.

Strange name - voc-get. What does it mean?

There is a package manager called apt-get for Debian. voc-get is a kind of package manager too: It "Download[s] some vocabulary from your keyboard and install[s] it in your brain."

Where can I download it and what will it get?

The releases are usually on the SourceForge page, but there are not any releases uploaded yet. It is also possible to check out the CVS tree which you can also access by the SF page.

How can I help you?

Read TODO and the ToDo explanation to find out what to do. The Hacking Conventions may also help you.

Why is your English so bad?

My native language is German and I have been learning English for about five years. Please contact me if you have discovered anything incorrect.

Soeren D. Schulze
voc-get SF page